Our Products


Hand Tap
Short Nut Tap
Nib Taps
Long Shank Machine Taps
Nut Taps & Extra Long nut Taps
Acme Thread & Square Thread Tap
Spiral Flute Machine Taps
Special Type Of Taps As Per Customers requirement
Circular Thread Rolls
Round Chasers
Thread Plug Gauges

Side & Face Cutters
Staggered Teeth Cutters
Convex And Concave Cutters
Chain Sprocket Milling And Hob Cutters
Gear Milling & Hob Cutters
Spline Hob Cutter
Equal & Unequal Angle Cutters
Light & Heavy Duty Cylindrical Cutters
Thread Milling Cutters
Rack Milling Cutters
Serration & Micron Hob Cutters

BPI - 300 INT
BPI - 600 HYD
BPI -1500


   Special Type of Taps as per Customers Requirements.
     Spiral Flute Machine Taps      Circular Thread Rolls  
     Round Chasers   
     Thread Plug Gauges  
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